Thursday, July 13, 2017

Ampang Tofu, Doncaster MELB

I have been recycling my selection of Malaysian restaurants lately, often times seeing myself reentering the same establishment. Interestingly enough, there are still a few restaurants in the eastern suburbs that I have yet to visit so here's an attempt at completing the search.

A little queue had built up outside the restaurant when we arrived at 7pm, a promising sign that we are heading for a feast worthy of all the hours committed to torturing myself in the gym.

Wanted to have the assam laksa, one of the chef's recommended dishes, but was told that it was sold out for the day :(

Yong tau foo - diners can choose their preferred type of noodle, broth and up to six different types of yong tau foo ingredients to go with their dish. D is a big fan of fried goodies which was what we ended up with most haha. Not too bad overall although I would prefer the curry broth to have a bit more flavour depth.

Bak kut teh - I very rarely order this at restaurants, even in Malaysia, and this was a recommended item in the restaurant. Whilst it is a good sized portion, I would prefer more depth in terms of flavour and I personally think the dish could do much better if the meat had time to absorb the soup's tea essence.

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