Saturday, July 22, 2017

MALAYSIA: Eido Ichi restaurant, KL

Very rarely do I get to celebrate birthdays with my parents and now that I am able to visit Malaysia more frequently, any opportunity to be festive is always welcomed. The father suggested a Japanese restaurant that seemingly is packed full of patrons every day.

Thankfully, without any reservations, we were able to be seated quickly and service wise, was efficient. First up was chawan mushi aka steamed Japanese egg custard filled with thin slices of fishcake, small bits of crustacean and shitake mushroom. Tasted decent, could possibly improve with a bit more seasoning.

Both the father and sister ordered set meals which worked out to be quite economical for its quality and quantity.  Both came with a decent serve of salmon, tuna and kingfish sashimi slices, a couple of teriyaki chicken rolls, a bowl of miso soup, lettuce, a bowl of rice and a couple of slices of orange. Dad had a plate of tempura prawns and a few different types of vegetables whilst sister had a plate of grilled and glazed unagi.

My bowl of salmon sashimi don topped with roe, was surprisingly quite filling. The cuts used, in my opinion, were not the highest quality ones, which obviously were reflected in its price but still fresh nevertheless.  An excellent meal, packed with protein.

Also pictured were two different types of rolls, both packed with an assortment of greens.

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