Saturday, July 22, 2017

MALAYSIA: Sweet Inn Restaurant, KL

Second last dinner in Malaysia was spent ushering in dad’s birthday with a traditional Chinese feast. Hard to come across in Australia and possibly other foreign countries, each individual dish has a significant meaning.

To kick start our appetite, we shared a small plate of pickled fruit and vegetables which was balanced in terms of acidity, sweetness and spiciness. Next up was a clay pot dish with sea cucumber fillets, abalone, broccoli and shitake mushroom, stewed and thickened with the addition of potentially corn flour.

Second dish served was a four seasons plate – deep fried, crispy squid tentacles dressed in a citrus concoction, savoury fried spring rolls, jelly fish salad topped with finely sliced purple onions, chilli and coriander and a serve of fried roll stuffed with imitation crab roll, taro and sweet potato. One of my favourite dishes of the night albeit costing about RM128. 

The fried roll stuffed with tuber and crab meat was delish, the addition of tubers had absorbed any excess oil from the frying process and thus, retaining the roll’s overall crispness. Not a big fan of jelly fish but found this to be refreshing, especially when mixed with the sweet and sour dressing.

Lastly, a plate of sang har mee (big prawns with noodles) arrived at our table. Diners can choose between being served larger prawns or the average sized prawns. With larger prawns, more flavour can be extracted from it, lending more fragrance to the overall dish. Pretty good in my opinion, again, costing quite a fair bit as well.

Finding food in uncommon grounds is a tedious process, sometimes bearing drool worthy results and sometimes, questionable outcomes after foraging for that place.

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