Saturday, July 22, 2017

MALAYSIA: Journal by Plan B, KL

One of the more sought after cafes fashioning the Australian coffee culture, Plan B started off in Midvalley shopping mall and soon after, expanded its wings to Publika. The latter location is much more suited for foodies at heart who frequent this mall for its diverse range of restaurants and cafés.

Greeted by a shelf filled with worn out typewriters and a row of TV screens depicting a form of hypnotically spirals, like many around us, we opted for coffee and cake to finish off the night. Coffee options are identical to Melbourne baristas but the café has put a clever spin to the sort of cakes served.

Teh tarik tiramisu – an interesting play on an Italian favourite. Unlike the stronger caffeine taste oozing from the coffee liqueur and crushed beans used in a traditional tiramisu, their version is a lot milder which can be easily missed. Large chunks of toffee almonds and chocolate drizzles decorate the cake, both of which, I find a little too flamboyant for the subtle tea flavoured cream cake.

Lemon curd tart – tarts are one of the most unpretentious comestibles as one cannot hide a bad crust under a flurry of cream nor can one cover a questionable filling with a buttery pastry. Errors are easily detected by consumers which can affect eventual sales. Whilst the crust is evenly layered and not overly sweet, it was let down by the lemon curd filling. Flavour of it was decent but the texture was not quite right as it was more gelatinous than creamy.

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