Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Melbourne escape part 1: Old town kopitiam Mamak QV Square

Upon arrival at Melbourne, we immediately placed our luggage in the hotel room before heading out for some late night Malaysian food. There were truck loads of hot rich and classy girls roaming around (depressing thought lol). This particular mamak outlet opens up to 5am on Fridays. Definitely a good late night hangout place:)

The decor's very mamak orientated but less crowded than your typical mamak shops:)

Teh tarik~ I found this very milk-y but not overly sweet.

Air bandung~ rose syrup diluted with some condensed milk and ice. Very refreshing with subtle hints of sugar but still very milk-y for me:S

Fried chicken with mamak noodles, served with fried egg and sambal belacan~ excellent fried chicken (highly recommended).

Roti canai~ good attempt but the roti was abit thick for my liking and the dhal was very powder-y. The other curry sauces were good when combined with the roti though:)

Pan mee~ recommended by yours truly. Generous portions of mince meat and fried anchovies toppings. Noodles were well cooked. Pan mee cravings satisfied:) The chilli sauce used was very similar to some malaysian shops although I would have liked mine to be slightly more lime-sour:)

Contact Old Town Kopitiam Mamak
Level 2, Shop 11, QV Square
QV Building, Melbourne 3000, Victoria

Trading Hours:


11:30AM-Till late


Was soo full by the time I was done nomnom-ing this at 1.30am?

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