Thursday, July 21, 2011

Whoopie cake

After watching numerous episodes of Masterchef, I am frequently inspired to bake with the craziest and most imaginative recipes that I can conjure up. This week's masterchef episode highlighted one of the contestant's challenging a masterchef at his own dessert recipe. I loved that idea and would really want to try it out one day:)

But until that day comes, I've used a recipe from Wheels and Barrows (wonderful kitchen equipment shop!). I've made this little zesty pieces to bribe my presentation audience with.

The recipe can be easily obtained from the shop~ comes in a very pretty cover:)

My cake base making in process~ very lemon-y fresh!^^

Unfortunately for me, I fail at piping so please excuse the horrible shapesD:

Lime curd~

Lime curd mixed with whipping cream to soften the strong zesty taste of the lime

My presentation~ I like how the vibrant colour makes the entire piece stand out (despite the fugly shapeXD)

Lime and lemon whoopie cake:) Overall, not too bad although good piping skills are essential (unles you want fugly cake shapes like mine!)

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