Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Melbourne escape part 2: Sharkfin house

Our second day in Melbourne kicked off with early brunch at a recommended restaurant. Reservations are necessary as the restaurant tends to be filled with customers especially during peak hours.

Duck feet~

Loh mai fan~ delicious!

Chee cheong fan~ although the pastry was a bit thick, the filling was still good:)

Har gao~

Siew mai~ am still on the lookout for good siew mais

Tofu with prawn filling~ random item picked up by my friend


Random item 2# :crab stick with prawn filling, wrapped in seaweed

Random item 3# : Fried prawn wanton?

Pork filling enclosed in pastry~ I liked this particular dish although the pastry was kinda butter-y

Fried radish cake~yummmyyyyyyy:D

Lotus paste bun~ sooo good *drools* Fresh off the steamer^^

Char siew bao~ good filling but not the usual ones I normally eat. I reckon it's more Hong Kong style?

Overall, good food served, fast service and decently priced compared to some of the yumcha restaurants in Adelaide. This place is certainly not overpriced:D

Sharkfin House

131, Little Bourke Street

Opening hours:11.30-3pm and 5.30-11.00pm daily

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bonny b said...

Can't wait for u to take me around when u start working...ie. on yr tab..heh heh....signed Squirrel