Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Melbourne escape part 3: Koko black and Petaling Street

We embraced the third day of our Melbourne trip with a stroll along Bourke Street Mall and Swanston Street, my favourite eye-candy lookout of the city:) We then stopped by Petaling Street, a very popular stop for students. Fast and efficient service.

The most popular dish. Steam or fried fish topped with fried garlic and slices of scallions. For only $12.80, inclusive of rice, this is a clear crowd favourite. One can get sooo full just from one serving of fish:S

Pattaya fried rice~ apparently the recommended dish from a certain website. Not the best tasting fried rice so far but presentation's okay..I would still recommend the fish:)

After lunch, we decided to stop by Koko Black, another favourite chocolate outlet in Melbourne. Extremely crowded during peak hours. Best is to get here before lunch time:)

Chocolate shake~ I like how the chocolate syrup drizzles down the glass nicely:) Reminds me of some vintage autumn wallpaper.

Chocolate tart served with a citrus syrup, pistachio pieces and vanilla ice cream~ very very dark chocolate but doesn't taste like dark chocolate. Goes extremely well with the chocolate:) yummilicious

Shall update more soon. I have a big big plan coming up so wish me luck. Ohh.. and wish me luck for my placement portfolio. It's taking longer than necessary to sum up everything=/

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