Saturday, November 26, 2011

BBQ city

If you're in the mood for something meat-y and at the right price, do head over to BBQ city in chinatown. They do serve up a good selection of roast chicken, pork and duck (although can't really compare to some of the really good ones back in Malaysian, but heck, still edible!!).

Service is average but you do get served on time:)

The three meat combination~ siew yoke (pork with crackling), roast duck and soy sauce chicken served with a sweet plum and unknown dipping sauce. The duck's skin is very succulent and packed with juicy goodness..very sinful..

Stir fry chinese broccoli~

Salted fish fried rice~ average tasting fried rice:)

Overall, I would recommend coming here for the roast dishes. I have not tried everything at this place but from what I see across every table, it's decent enough:)

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