Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cafe Brunelli

Was here today for dinner with the family and friends. As we couldn't decide where to have a quick bite, we randomly came up here as no reservations were required and there's ample of seating space.

Service was a tad confusing as we were supposed to take our own menus, seat ourselves wherever we like and order at the counter. I am fine with all this but I would be much more happier if I was guided around a bit by the waiting staff:/

The vast variety of sweets at the counter~

Complimentary bread, butter and grated cheese~

Meatlover's pizza~ My sister was craving for something meat-y and hence, she ordered this. There were generous portions of ham slices but could do a lot better with some extra seasoning. Was a bit bland, in my opinion.

Chicken Parmiagana~ Large portion of chicken served with fries and a side of salad, considering that you do pay extra for it to be "really really big". Not too bad overall but could do with some sauce:)

Seafood pasta~ ermm...not exactly something that I would recommend diners to have. Lots of pasta but not proportional to the amount of broccoli and prawns added:( This dish also lacked seasoning.

Con Pollo pasta~ hrmm..where should I start.. it wasn't too bad but I have tried others which are better elsewhere. Wouldn't recommend this. Also needs more seasoning.

Overall, I am assuming that I have ordered the wrong items on the menu. I was not extremely satisfied as most of the dishes lack seasoning :( If you do plan to come here, do check with the staff on what's good to have/ ask your friends whom are familiar with this outlet. This place is ideal if you just plan to go somewhere on a rainy day for a gossip session over a cup of steaming hot chocolate:)

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