Thursday, June 27, 2013

Chuck Wagon 175

After blogging about Burgastronomy , Fancy burger , Burger Foundry and the good ol' college favourite Blue and white I think it is only appropriate that I do a follow up on my quest for finger-licking delicious burgers in Adelaide. Whilst Burgastronomy, Fancy Burger and Burger Foundry's food are catered for people who appreciate a well crafted burger, I would associate Blue and White's burger as a swotvac/ post-pub night meal, something to get all of us thru the night.

Having heard much ravings about the newly opened Chuck Wagon up on O'Connell Street, I managed to persuade a couple of peeps to tag along and explore this place with me. As some of you may know, this is probably the only place in Adelaide where diners can participate in a burger eating challenge where the contestant has to finish a humongous burger and a side of fries within a set time. The contestant's picture will then be framed either in their "Wall of Fame" corner or the "Wall of Shame" corner. No pressure, right?:)

Anyways, none of us were braved enough to face the challenge and decided to feast on moderately sized burgers for the time being. The staff here are quite friendly and have to admit that the restaurant is spacious enough to fit about 20 diners. Not too bad at all.

We couldn't decide (nor can I remember) on what to have but after sampling a few different types of burgers, I reckon the patties are made from the same recipe and the only difference between each burger would be the accompanying sauce.

When the burger first came out, my eyes widened upon realizing that the burger is pretty tall and may be tricky to consume without making an embarrassing mess. I pressed the burger down a little, in an attempt to make it fit my mouth better, and it worked! Next mission would be to quickly grab a bite before it turned cold!

Burger patty was juicy and seasoned well. The burger was dribbling a little but I guess that a price one has to pay for not having to consume over-cooked, dry meat. No complains there!

Chilli french fries ~ can't eat a burger without a side serving of fries/ chips. Have always been a fan of potato types of food and this was no exception. The chilli sauce was not spicy at all and had a nice, meat-y texture to it. When topped with the oozing cheese, this can be a simply delightful meal by itself!

Deviled buffalo wings ~ This is one of the most delicious buffalo wings I have had in a long time. After taking a bite, I was immediately whacked with a strong and intense aroma which quickly faded away to reveal a soft, succulent piece of chicken flesh. Dipping the buffalo wings in the mayonnaise may have helped simmer down the intense flavour but being the adventurous foodie that I am, I like to have a taste of the individual ingredients before combining them together. Had the celery after gorging down a couple of buffalo wings, just so that I don't feel guilty!

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