Monday, June 24, 2013

Nhu Lan

June seems to be one of the busiest and craziest months for me thus far this year and I am secretly glad it is almost over. After organizing for a birthday dinner (presents included!) and having to constantly reply or ring a few people up, I am feeling quite deflated at the moment. Hence, am binge-ing on leftover potato wedges whilst typing this out...not a common sight as I try to eat healthily at home! In a week's time, I'll be flying to Sydney and fingers crossed I am not forgetting an important errand!

Ok, enough random rambling from me and back to the main point of this blogpost; vietnamese food! I have a soft spot in my tummy for Vietnamese food, especially when I'm on a tight budget. The last time I visited this place would be some time middle of last year and things seemed to have changed since then. The interior had moved around a bit but one thing I was glad of is that their dinner opening hours have extended (if I am not wrong). A bonus for diners like me who prefer a quiet evening with good food and company.

Longan drink ~ pretty standard across most Vietnamese restaurants, I dare say.

Avocado smoothie ~

Combination broken rice ~ the pick-me-up dish if you can't be bothered to choose (I hear you!) but want to sample a bit of everything. Basically contains a decent range of proteins (shredded pork, roast pork and steamed minced pork "cake") , pickled vegetables to freshen up your palate and bowl of beef stock to wash everything down. Yep, fuss-free indeed.

Dry noodles with quail egg, peeled prawns and shredded beef ~ delicious! There was just enough gravy nested under the noodles for mixing and after the physical mixing process, I found it difficult to stop myself from slurping every noodle strain. Do give this a go at your favourite Vietnamese restaurant if you want to venture out of the ordinary pho and broken rice options :)

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