Monday, September 2, 2013

Menya Mappen

On our final day in Sydney, the sister and I were not in the mood to binge on everything interesting that we spot but rather, be a tad more conserved as we did not want to be too filled before our luxurious dinenr at the Quay. Yes, the sister booked it months before we arrived and was buzzing with excitement as the big day draws near.

We took a bus to Bondi Beach and arrived back in the city at around 3pm which is a little too late for lunch and we should really control ourselves for eating too much. Hence, we arrived in Menya Mappen, one of the cheapest and delicious ramen/ udon noodle shops that we can think of.

There may be a long queue outside the shop and sometimes, you may find it difficult to secure seats but if you arrive at the right time (and am having a lucky day), you would not have to wait too long.

The idea is to order what type of ramen/ udon noodles you like (with the preferred soup base) and add on your condiments as you move along the "canteen". There, you will be tempted by all the glorious looking fried items on display:)

If fried sides are not your usual cup of tea, how about some cold sides? I did not try this myself but it does look yummy...perhaps next time?

Cash only so make sure to head to your nearest ATM before dropping by!

Green tea slushie ~ from memory, this costs about $2 but it had a pleasant green tea taste and was the perfect drink after strolling around Bondi.

Takoyaki ~ not too bad at all although it had cooled down and was a bit soft in terms of texture.

Mentaiko ramen ~ I am curious as to what mentaiko is and finally got myself to trying it. A bit like butter, in my humble opinion but mixes well with the noodles. Ohh..and I had to try their fried sweet potato and add a big dollop of spring onions on top of my steaming hot bowl of noodles. The ramen came with mentaiko, seaweed and a poached egg and it costs less than $7 from memory. Yummy:)

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