Thursday, September 5, 2013

Riverscape Cafe and Restaurant

When one is far away from the CBD area, there is only so many restaurants/ cafes to choose from, taking into account both quality and quantity for a reasonable price. Having lived in the Barossa for more than a year, there are still so many places that I have yet to explore (due to lack of transportation and time) but one day I will. So when I made a trip down to Murray Bridge a few weeks ago, I took advantage of the opportunity to sample their local food.

Not that I have been parading around their local bakeries/ pubs but I have managed to sneak into this restaurant. Friendly service, attentive staff and located just next to a part of the Murray river, I was not complaining at all.

Kilpatrick oysters ~ oysters were not exactly the freshest that I have tasted thus far but no tummy problems the next day!

Garlic bread ~ I love garlic bread, especially the ones with a higher surface area aka more drenched in all that garlicky goodness.

Fish and chips ~ from memory, this is not your typical butterfish but apparently it's a fish that lingers in the muddy areas of the river. Had a strong fishy taste to it.

Steak and chips with salad ~ I love a well-cooked, medium-rare steak that is covered with a generous amount of gravy. I know, I know, too much gravy can mask the steak's natural flavours but I can't help myself when I am around mushroom gravy. Extremely yummy, especially with a crunchy chips as a side.

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