Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Chianti Classico for breakfast, Adelaide

This has to be one of the few times you would ever catch me waking up at 7am just to have brekkie at 8.30am. To top off the experience, I rang the restaurant a few days ahead to make a reservation as well. Both of these pointers had increased my expectations for the restaurant's food, especially after hearing lots of praises from friends.

The first impression service here blew me away. Upon entry into the restaurant, we were immediately greeted and shown our table. The waiting staff were very attentive to our needs be it ordering our meals or even just filling up our glasses with water.

Eggs benedict ~ I love eggs benedict despite noting the calories involved in the hollandaise sauce. This homemade sauce had a striking yellow colour and a very distinct vinegar taste, proving that good quality ingredients were used to make this sauce from scratch. After a few mouthfuls, the richness of the entire dish was more than enough to keep the sister full.

Baccala ~ basically a homemade potato hashbrown topped with poached eggs with homemade mayonnaise and a few capers for that added zing. Yet another unique and delicious dish that ended well in my tummy. It may look small in terms of portion but boy, was I filled up once I finished it. Happy days!

Big brekkie ~ This is your classic big brekkie with the usual suspects: sauteed mushrooms, blanched spinach, roasted tomatoes, chorizo sausage, crisp bacon, homemade hashbrown, scrambled eggs and toasted ciabatta. The normally fussy brother found this unbelievably good whilst I thought it gave a new perspective or definition to big brekkie. We expected the tomatoes to be sour but no, they were sweet. Scrambled eggs were so creamy and had a rich colour to it whilst the bacon was cooked to perfection. For $22.90, it was definitely worth every penny spent!

I loved my breakfast experience here and in the future, I shall be trying out the other dishes available. Had a peek at what other diners were having and admittedly, the crepes look good. A must visit if you are on the lookout for good quality breakfast with excellent customer service;)

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