Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ocean King, Glen Waverley MELB

I like the idea of having a sit in meal at a Chinese restaurant and being surrounded by family and friends. Yes, this is the lifestyle that I grew up with, where every little occasion is celebrated with a lavish spread of food. Although I do not have the luxury of being with my family and close friends much these days, I still do look forward to having a good meal at a Chinese restaurant.

Ocean King pretty much sums up what I would experience during the festive seasons. It is packed full of people on most days and without any reservations, be prepared to wait.

Roast duck, pork and barbequed pork ~ This is the dish that is always sold out by 8pm daily and we were lucky enough to get our chopsticks on it that day. The duck meat was extremely succulent and complimented the crisp texture of the duck skin. Roast pork had a nice crackling taste to it and I preferred their version over other places as the fat layer was not as thick. Hence, it did not make me feel extremely unhealthy post-dinner haha:)

Stir fried chinese broccoli ~

Steamed fish with ginger and shallots ~ having fish for any function symbolizes good fortune and thus, a necessity. It is also a healthy option compared to other dishes so why not?:)

p.s, there's nothing to shout about service so do not expect much. You are there just for the food, remember?

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Melody said...

Ocean King has been my family's "go-to" restaurant for nearly my whole life so it's interesting to see someone else's point of view on it! The service is so-so at times, depending on if they can understand what you're actually asking for lol!

I can recommend the deep fried japanese tofu ;) it's my fav and super delicious! (altho be warned, they do sometimes muck up this order and give you a non deep fried tofu lol)