Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Old Kingdom, Surrey Hills MELB

So after scrolling through my 2015 pictures folder, it dawned on me that I have been engrossed in eating Chinese food a lot this year and mostly picking up a duck dish along the way. Strange how this happened as I am usually very conscious of what I eat every week and try my best to change up my weekly routine.

We were recommended this place by a friend and figured, why not? After all, everybody loves a good peking duck (especially moi haha) but be warned that bookings are essential or be prepared to face disappointment.

Peking duck usually appears on a set menu where diners will get the traditional duck pancake as entree, followed by a serve of duck soup and finished off with either a noodle or rice dish. The duck pancake comes with paper thin wrappers, slices of fresh cucumber and spring onions and slices of crispy duck skin (sometimes accompanied by a thick chunk of duck meat). Wrap everything together with a dollop of hoisin sauce and it's heaven on your palate.

I have sampled peking duck from Beijing before and to be honest, have yet to find a place that can rival the ones over there but heck, there are so many places to choose from if you are craving for this dish:)

Deep fried tofu served with broccoli ~ arrived piping hot on our table so be warned not to get too excited! Crunchy outer layer enclosing the silky, soft tofu texture. Simplicity goodness:)

Salt and pepper deep fried soft shell crab ~ I have a weakness for soft shell crabs regardless of which cuisine it is used in. This one had the right amount of seasoning and crunchy to my liking. We wanted to order the salted egg version but sadly, that was sold out. A must try if you love soft shell crabs as much as I do.

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