Thursday, December 10, 2015

De Bortoli Winery and Restaurant, Yarra Valley MELB

The initial plan for last weekend was for a good hike around Dandenong ranges followed by a good cup of tea with a side of scones. Sadly, lethargy and procastination got the better of me and before I knew it, the plan revolved to visiting the Yarra valley.

Would have liked to do a tour of the valley but that may have to wait for now. After doing a bit of tasting at De Bortoli's cellar door (the best dessert wines I have tasted thus far), we were fortunate that a few cancellations happened that day which led us to dining at their restaurant.

Customer service was top notch and could not ask for anything more. Waitress was extremely friendly, helpful and attentive which made our dining experience here all the more pleasant.

Oysters ala natural and shallot and lemon dressing ~

Tasting board for two ~ we had octopus salad, sun dried tomatoes, olives, arancini, slices of cured meat, pork terrine and a couple more salad dishes that were light enough for an appetizer and yet still packed full of flavour. Perfect for sharing and such an amazing platter that allows you to sample bits and pieces.

Bread with olive oil ~ the bread here was phenomenal. Extremely soft and goodness me, the olive oil was amazingly full of olive oil essence and has an undesirable aroma.

Squid ink pasta with spanner crab and squid ~ every pasta served in the restaurant is housemade and so, freshness and quality is guaranteed. This dish was light and had enough dressing on every strand of pasta - no need for extra sauce, Manu!

Duck tortellini with mushrooms, pears and parmigiano cheese ~ I am delighted that the serving here is not measly unlike a few other establishments that I have been. I love every bit of textural element added to this dish be it the pillowy soft tortellinis or earthy crunch from the mushrooms and nut.

The most decadent chocolate cake ~ who would have thought a tiny piece of cake is so densely packed with chocolate? The sorbet and pieces of fruit lent the dish some freshness, acidity and lightness - chef did an amazing job at balancing this dish well.

Zeppole ~ ricotta doughnuts, dulce du leche, blood orange, candied zest, mint and orange curd ice cream. I have not tried zeppole before but if all zeppoles taste as good as this dish here, I will probably need to work harder at the gym. The doughnut had an interestingly moist centre despite undergoing some intense deep frying to attain that crunch exterior. Paired with a medley of citrus, this dish was also well balanced on the sweet-sour scale. A bit of savoury caramel added a different dimension to this altogether.

 Will I be back? I sure will with an army of hungry foodies;)

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