Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Merchants Guild, Bentleigh East MELB

One of my new year resolutions was to make healthier choices when I eat out as often enough, food prepared in restaurants or cafe tend to be drenched in excess amounts of oil or lack the necessary nutritions as the result of degradation from the cooking process.

And I'm doing well so far by opting for leafy-er choices and avoiding sugary drinks or sugary desserts. An achievement to be proud of, considering that I do have an annoyingly sweet tooth that craves for the most unhealthy item ever created by mankind!

Laidback, unpretentious and serving interesting breakfast concoctions, this is the place to visit if you are a foodie that's still trying to shake off those Christmas tyres (if you know what I mean).

Prana chai ~ weekends are reserved for chai, purely because I can't find it close to where I work. Lovely aroma of spices wafting in the pot and there's enough for two serves here!

Iced chocolate milkshake ~

superfood breakfast ~ avocado, kale, broccoli, barley, mung sprouts, green chilli and pumpkin seeds on a toast that's been lashed with a good serve of cottage cheese and topped with poached free range eggs. At $19.50, it is bordering on the pricey range but it is worth every penny considering the quality of the ingredients. Everything was fresh, delicious and most importantly, not drenched in olive oil (a pet peeve of mine).

Eggs benedict with smoked ham and a paprika hollandaise sauce ~ I love how their hollandaise sauce changes everyday, a sign that its been freshly prepared and definitely keeps the menu exciting. The creamy consistency of the sauce was inviting and easily soaked into the toasted slice of bread.

Maple glazed pork belly with fried eggs, black barley, macadamia and whipped feta ~ again, this was a freshly prepared plate of healthy goodness but the only downside is the small portions of pork belly served. Would have liked perhaps a little more than 2 pieces of pork belly considering the price of it:/

Warm tuscan kale, asparagus, roast cauliflower, quinoa, hazelnuts and feta with poached eggs ~ moments like this brightens up my meat-free days. The savoury and salty taste of the feta was counteracted by the neutral flavoured asparagus, cauliflower, quinoa and kale whilst the poached egg provided some "sauce" to the dish. Bonus points for including hazelnuts, one of my favourite types of nuts :)

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