Monday, January 18, 2016

The Grain Store, CBD MELB

As a Malaysian, the task of choosing a place to eat is a stressful ordeal. Why is it such a burden, you may wonder. Well, firstly, it has to accommodate everyone's needs in terms of cravings and budget. Secondly, if it turns out to be a disappointing meal, your friends will look at you in a disapproving manner in the future (in a friendly/ joking way of course - no harm intended).

Traditions aside, I have wanted to visit this place for some time but sadly, brunch is not on everyone's agenda and so, the urge is suppressed. Upon meeting up with a good friend, I immediately jumped at the suggestion of heading here - the glee on my face was priceless.

Coq au vin, milawa free range chicken and red wine ~ mash potatoes, caramelised winter vegetables, pancetta and mushroom with the piece de resistance aka chicken braised in red wine. Delicious but would have liked a little more considering that this plate costs about $29 :/

pumpkin halloumi potato gnocchi ~ gnocchi is not everyone's cup of tea (well, too bad, more for me haha!) but it is a treat when executed well. The gnocchi was silky smooth and I love the generous serving of each individual ingredient, from the crisp kale to the sprouts to the pumpkin pieces. The flavourful butternut emulsion provided the dish with a lovely well seasoned dressing. Two thumbs up!

Chocolate chip cookies and milk ~ decisions, decisions, decisions. Too many choices to go for for but I stood by my favourite cookies and milk. Baked to order so do be prepared to wait for at least 10 minutes. Cookies came out hot and oozing chocolately goodness. Portion wise, let's just say 1 cookie was more than enough, 2 was just being greedy hehe;)

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