Thursday, February 23, 2017


Just when I thought I have explored most of the brunch spots in CBD, along came Calia, a restaurant led by a Michelin star chef. Expecting a hefty price tag attached, I was surprised to note that the prices were actually quite comparative to other brunch outlets and in terms of the interior, it was chic and modern.

Iced matcha latte - refreshing and packed with a strong matcha flavour.

Truffled fries - I love fries and found this amazingly difficult to stop eating. Has a good amount of truffle essence in it and fries were crisp perfection.

Marbled sukiyaki bowl - topped with a 63 degree egg that spreads easily over the tender, soft wagyu pieces, it was delicious. Not sure how did the chef prepare the meat but goodness me, it was sensational. Worth a try for the carnivorous out there.

O'Bara bara - marinated chirashi of diced tuna, salmon, kingfish and tamago, topped with ikura and garnished with decorative flowers. Made picturesque by tactful placement of toppings, it's beauty had been easily overshadowed by how flavourful and fresh each individual ingredient was. Wasabi was freshly graduated and one only needs a quarter of a pea sized amount else it may compromise the seafood taste.

Matcha lava lava - I was feeling very piggish that day and gunned down this indulgent piece of dessert. Loved how strong the matcha flavour was here and how again, it has been artfully created. Talk about a smooth piece of cake that has no irregular shapes surrounding it. Call it the supermodel of desserts if you may. Raspberries were plump and juicy whilst the addition of cream softened up the intense flavours slightly. Overall, would be happy for round 2.

Calia Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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