Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Dumpling Plus, Chadstone MELB

I have been craving for protein a lot more since I have started working out 5 days a week. When I lack protein in my diet or if I have it too late after exercising, I tend to get muscle cramps or sometimes, binge unnecessarily.

Dumplings are an excellent source of protein, especially if you have them steamed as opposed to being fried. Ok, so I did have lunch rather late that day and so the craving begins.

A quick fix would always be rocking up to the food court and selecting a few items from the front counter of any shop. Dumpling plus caught my eye for the variety of food available and priced decently as well.

$1.50 for one and $10 for a plate of 10. I could have easily polished off a plate of 10 but decided to hold back and try the other types of dim sum available. Dumplings were decent tasting albeit having a thick pastry skin layer.

BBQ pork in baked pastry - not much protein in this one although kudos to the chef for a well made baked pastry layer. Loved how it was flaky and slightly sweet to taste.

Prawn dumplings - at $6.80, this is not one plate to wolf down. Prawn bits were evident in here and tasted good too.

Steamed BBQ pork buns - the filling to bun ratio was spot on here. Filling was well soaked by all the lovely BBQ sauce from the pork filling.

Mapo tofu - ah, another dish that I could have easily polished off myself but decided not too. Was being a cheapskate and did not order any rice to go with it and so, ended up getting a takeaway container for the remaining half of the dish. Felt extremely thirsty after having this, a symptom I get when I have too much salt or MSG.

Overall, an option to consider in Chadstone shopping mall if you are feeling peckish and do not want to send your wallet into a state of coma. Post workout meal - checked

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