Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Murasaki Tanuki, Wantirna MELB

Met up with a friend for Japanese a couple of weeks ago at a restaurant near her place. Small cafe, friendly staff and a simple menu consisting of the usual options available. Place was quite packed when we arrived there slightly after 7pm and I would recommend bookings for larger groups.

Una-ju bento - I like how there were so many different types of bento options to choose from. Bento boxes are excellent for portion control as it allows users/ diners to moderate their intake of protein, carbohydrates or fiber. At Murasaki, each bento box had a small serve of fresh sashimi as appetizers followed by a small serve of fruit and vegetables, preceding the main course and steamed rice.

Chicken karaage bento - 

Murasaki Chirashi - I have been quite fond of chirashi bowls which are usually filled with rice and topped with a fresh assortment of sashimi pieces, neatly layered over one another. A small serve of pickled ginger is provided for cleansing one's palate after consuming different cuts of fish. A favourite and a must have for me.

Matcha roll cake and millefeuille cake - the friend mentioned that cakes available at the front counter are usually sold out pretty quickly and its best to order them while they are still within sight.Millefeuille cake was worth every calorie and is balanced in terms of sweetness. Matcha cake was spongy, light and packed with a good dose of matcha goodness. Both equally satisfying and worthy of a second trip:)

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