Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Blackball, CBD MELB

Working late meant that I should "ideally" treat myself to a warm cup of tea or coffee that will fuel me until the end of my shift. Having brought in a cup of bubble tea from Chatime one day, a colleague commented that she preferred the bubble teas from Blackball which then stirred my curiousity.

As a once off, I treated myself to a cup of bubble tea post work and was impressed at how flavourful it was aka right depth of infused tea and perfect amount of sweetness. Moving forth, I dragged my siblings here after dinner.

Pudding, potato cubes and a whole lot of jellies over crushed ice - the non-sugarholic siblings liked this dish and so did I. Every single ingredient had it's own unique personality which made it fun to mix and match each of them before downing a spoonful of it. If you have not tried Asian desserts before, this may be a good stepping stone. Would like to have more but I shall practice restraint here.

Waffle with vanilla ice cream - the highlight of the night was this little gem. Brimming with the freshly baked aroma of butter intertwined with flour, each mouthful of it filled us with satisfaction, more so when it is excessively covered by honey. Will look into getting takeaways of it next time - 2 for $5 :p

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