Wednesday, September 5, 2012

St. George Bakery

Have I mentioned that I love anything that pops out from the oven? Yours truly is still on an adelaide-bakery-quest and this time, I am in an award winning pie bakery! Thank goodness for all my reliable food sources, could not have discovered so many places without these incredible bunch of foodies!:)

The weather was perfect that day, it almost felt like summer...

Impressive, I have to admit.

Pura milk~ I am not the biggest fan of milk back in Malaysia but having tried the milk products in Australia, I am proud to admit that I have converted.

Beef and mushroom pie~ we wanted to sample their chunky beef pie but it was already sold out (we were there at 11am)! Ah wells, this pie is still satisfying.

Warm, juicy and succulent beef chunks oozing out of the pie~ the beef pieces as though it had been through some intense slow-braising in the kitchen!

Pastie~ a vegetarian pie, another Aussie favourite.

The loyalty card which entitles diners to a free pie after purchasing 5 pies:)

Curry beef pie~ a mild curry infused into minced beef. Coming from an Asian background and being fairly familiar with my spices, I can say that although a few of the more pungent spices were missing, it is still a really good curry pie with a decent amount of spices incorporated. A really delicious Asian-inspired pie:)

Kranzky~ an old time SWOTVAC (study week of teaching vacation aka study break before the university exams). The sausage here was super juicy and bursting with cheesy goodness which goes perfectly well with the light pastry. Happy reminiscent days:)

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