Monday, September 24, 2012

Thanh Thanh

This place has finally reopened and we managed to satisfy our Vietnamese food cravings on a cold, windy Sunday afternoon. Who would have thought a sunny weather forecast could turn out to be sunny but yet freezing cold from the chilly wind!

When we were here the last time, the boy and I liked their broken rice dishes as it is as good as some of the other further away Vietnamese restaurants that we have visited. A plus point as we no longer need to travel miles from the city just for cheap eats:)

Apple custard smoothie~ not as sweet as I thought it was but it still had the refreshing fruity taste.

Jackfruit smoothie~ I am on a smoothie roll that day and this was a tad more sweeter than the apple custard version but still delicious overall.

Crispy skin chicken rice~

Not only is the skin crispy, but it is also extremely juicy once you bite past the skin layer. The thin layer of fat lends some moisture to this dish and one could almost feel subtle "popping" sensations in one's mouth from the skin layer.

Combination broken rice~ probably my preferred dish as you do get the complete pack. Roast pork chops, crackling roast pork, shredded pork skin, fried egg, steamed meat slice and a side of pickled vegetables.

The meat is not dry but instead, quite succulent and deliciously well- cooked. Thank goodness the restaurant's standards have not declined since opening up this joint in Chinatown. Stiff competition but I am sure they would fare pretty well against their competitors:)

Looking for a decent Vietnamese outlet in the city area? Look no further:)

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