Monday, October 22, 2012

Giwa Modern Korean Restaurant

Been scouting around Adelaide for some Korean fare...anything that does not require me cooking like hot pots and barbeques as the scent does linger on for some time after leaving the restaurant. I know it is a traditional process that most people would love to practice but unfortunately for me, I think I need a well deserved weekend after burying myself with books for the past few weeks!

As most Korean outlets do not open on Sunday, Saturdays are probably the best days for me to fill myself with Korean food or else I might have to resort to ready-made sauces to satisfy my hunger! Although....these sauces can be quite convenient and handy to stock up for rainy days. Must resist the temptation to break my New Year's resolution!!

Giwa is located on King William Road and there is ample of parking space in the surrounding area for diners.  The interior is not too elaborately decorated and brownie points for not placing tables too close to each other. Some restaurants tend to do that which makes creating conversations with everyone a huge hassle for me!

We had the combination mix of oysters which consisted of natural oysters, oysters topped with chilli or deep fried oysters. I try not to eat fresh oysters but these ones were more appealing to me, mainly because it did not have a strong taste of the sea, something I am not used to.

Bulgogi~ marinated beef strips with enoki mushrooms, capsicum, onions and carrots, garnished with spring onions and a generous sprinkle of sesame seeds. It is a bit more expensive compared to what I would normally pay for something similar elsewhere but it was indeed delicious. Moist, succulent meat pieces with fresh vegetable slices and the serving portion is just right for me.

The stir fry dishes came with a bowl of rice and a serve of kimchi.

Reef and beef~ South Australian steak on a bed of Chinese chives, shitake mushrooms and topped with king prawns and aspragus. The chef did a pretty good job at infusing some Asian flavours into the entire dish. I did not try this myself but my friends seem happy with it:)

We enjoyed ourselves immensely at Giwa. The waiting staff weren't pushy or grumpy at us for taking our time with ordering and leaving the restaurant. It was a good night of catching up and surprise, surprise (well, not too much of a surprise as I sort of guessed hehe), my unimates were way too thoughtful and got me a cake to sweeten up the night! I did not expect a cake at all (mainly because I rarely get cakes for my birthdays ahem ahem) but I felt extremely blessed to have such wonderful friends that would allocate a fraction of their precious time for yours truly!:))

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