Wednesday, October 24, 2012

House of Pearl revisited

I will always have cravings for Malaysian food until I can completely please myself. It is indeed a terrible deed of mine but luckily, there are a few decent Malaysian outlets in Adelaide to quench my appetite.

I frequent this restaurant whenever someone suggests Malaysian for dinner. This place does open for lunch and if I am not wrong, you may be lucky enough to obtain some special offer for your meal.

Sambal kangkung~ hints of prawn essence in the vegetables and fortunately for some, it isn't a spicy dish:)

Green curry duck~ at first glance, I was skeptical but after crunching into the crispy roast duck's flesh, I changed my mind. A really lovely dish and good use of spices to concoct the curry. Once again, it isn't spicy at all.

Char kuey teow~ a typical hawker fare in Malaysia and although it did cost twice as much as the Malaysian one, it was still a delicious main meal with a generous proportion of seafood and vegetables used.

Braised oxtail~ not really something I would order at any restaurants but it wasn't as bad as I have expected. Everyone at the table seemed to enjoy it so it must be good!

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