Monday, October 8, 2012

Shanker's Authentic Indian Cuisine

Being raised in a multicultural country like Malaysia, I have developed a fond affection for robust tasting spice dishes, be it mild or hot. And so, when I do hear of a good place to fulfill my needs, I had to go here and tease my gluttony.

Vegetable curry puff~ spicy potato and green pea filled deep fried puff pastry. Piping hot on the inside and crispy puff pastry layer that is not too greasy. The vegetable pieces inside are not mushy and it certainly doesn't need the mint sauce to go with it:) A very mild concoction and 100% vegetarian friendly:)

Butter chicken~ highly recommended; moist chicken pieces in a rich and thick gravy with subtle hints of spices.

Malai kofta~ mashed potatoes with homemade cottage cheese, mixed herbs and spices gravy. Didn't get to taste this much but it is loaded with cheese cubes so if you are mildly lactose intolerant, do be on your toes;)

Garlic and cheese naan~ fluffy Indian bread which is an excellent tool to scoop up any gravy drops. I was tempted to use my fingers to finish off my meal but decided that my table manners should not fail me especially in front of my friends!

Steamed basmati rice~ for those who must have rice with their meals. Fragrant and aromatic grains which must have licked up a lot of spices scents.

Char kway teow~ who would have thought that an Indian outlet would supply an almost identical meal to what I would normally expect in Malaysia. Good combination of sauces to create the marinating gravy and right amount of seasoning. This is certainly dedicated to the true Malaysians and Singaporeans living in Adelaide, from a humble fellow patriot:)

Beef kurmah~ by the time I got to this, I was struggling to eat any more. Not that there's anything wrong with it but although the servicing size looks a bit small, it is indeed filling. Lesson learnt, sharing is caring if you want to sample a huge range of dishes.

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