Thursday, October 18, 2012

Maggie Beer's Farm Shop

This little farm shop cafe belongs to one of Australia's most beloved and passionate lady chefs around. She can be spotted in a few episodes on Masterchef Australia. Need any more clues? Ok, I'll stop teasing you guys, it's Maggie Beer!!

I can proudly say that I live just 7 minutes away (by car) from her farm shop and I have never been there before despite living in the Barossa for approximately 10 months! How time flew by and after re-watching most of the MasterChef series, I was dying to sample her food.

And so, the sister was kind enough to drive up her, pick me up from work and zoom to this little place. It was a beautiful day when we went there and it needless to say, the entire place was still buzzing with people (and animals) from all walks of life! An ideal family outing venue as well as a good place to head to for field trips:)

Just about everything in the shop screams rustic. There's nothing more comforting than sitting in a quiet corner of the shop, sipping a good cup of tea and enjoying the afternoon breeze whilst staring away at the greenish blue lake water.

Homemade pheasant terrine~ Game and porcini mushroom terrine enveloped in sour cream pastry, served with salad and cabernet sauce. The terrine was served on a metal plate which somewhat reminded me of camping tools, commonly seen from movies. The terrine was delicious and the cabernet sauce had a very distinct taste that is very unfamiliar to me. Regardless, it was still yummy and we had no trouble finishing off every crumb.

Duck, vino cotto and star anise pate picnic basket~ The freekeh salad had a dollop of jam in the middle and by giving the salad a good toss, it made a difference to the entire salad. I don't even know what ingredients constitute the salad but it was yummy! I don't usually eat pate so I can't say much about it but if you have and reckons Maggie did a good job concocting it up, do comment below!

Tea and coffee for the afternoon! I love the tea heaps! Was very aromatic but not overly powering in terms of taste.

Seasonal fruit cake served with a dollop of cream (and good quality cream too!)~ I love cake as much as a little fat kid so I'm not going to whinge if it's as good as the other Masterchef judges or not;)

Fluffy wood oven bread to spread/ scoop all the pate goodness!

Burnt fig, honeycomb and caramel ice cream~ I have gained an appreciation for fruit and vegetables that I hardly ever eat back in Malaysia. This ice cream was just amazing. Enough said. Go try it yourself!

There were abundant of opportunities to have a little sample of everything before purchasing which made choosing so much more easier.

Maggie's farm shop opens everyday but closes at 5pm. A lovely place to spend the afternoon and I would love to see more of her home-cooked dishes in the menu:)

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