Thursday, June 13, 2013

Clicking the weekend away

I am trying my best to get some practice with food styling (a term that is still foreign to me) and as per usual, food experimentation. I am not an expert in cooking savoury items but am trying to, only because I can bring it to work for lunch. Am a bit fed up with having sandwiches on a daily basis, although roasted chicken with cucumber slices does taste awesome!

Last weekend, I had a go at making beef rendang with roti jala, a traditional Malaysian meal. After browsing through countless of recipes online, I managed to find one that assumingly, is reliable. Unfortunately, it was not as tasty as I had hoped for and hence, no recipe shall be provided for the sake of your tummy. However, do enjoy an array of mouth watering pictures!

Spice garden, indeed. I have been hoarding spices since I started living by myself (who knows when my random personality would spark quirky ideas!).

Pungent is the word to describe the picture above.

A little goes a long way.

I tend to cook savoury food at night (when I am not working/ busy) so I'll usually opt to snap some pictures the following day as having natural sunlight to light up the pictures is way better compared to the fluorescent lighting available.

A fresh loaf of raising toast ~ There is something attractive about true artisan bread that is indescribable. A loaf of bread can cost at least $4, depending on what type is it, but if you can afford to splurge on good quality food, I would recommend buying bread from actual bakeries because it tastes better than the ones in the supermarket.

Ohh...and did I mention that they make pictures look very rustic as well?

So I experimented with a few different settings in photoshop for the picture above and below. The actual photo's colour was not as vibrant nor tempting to the normal eye. What do you think?

The pictures below were not photoshopped as compared to the two pictures above. It does look different, ey?

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