Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pink Pig Wine Bar

Having lived in North Adelaide for a good 3 years, I am ashamed to admit that I have never been to this restaurant. The quirky exterior design left me the impression that this place is more suited for larger functions where the crowd can easily move to the dance floor after finishing their meals. I have two left feet so it's natural to avoid these type of places.

As my sister had a 25% discount via her Adelaide Entertainment book, we decided to head her for tea before the voucher expires. If you are a foodie who loves visiting new restaurants, I would highly recommend purchasing this book as there are heaps of discounts from various restaurants and you may even consider sharing it with a friend/ partner/ family member.

I am a sucker for bread and being served bread with butter before the other dinner plates arrive was a bonus.

For our entree, we had the char grilled octopus legs with fresh salad and balsamic reduction. The acidity from the reduction went very well with the octopus pieces and having a few pieces of salty feta cheese was delightful.

Glazed pork crackling with coleslaw ~ Once again, I have failed to remember the name of the dishes that I have ordered but I am trying my best to describe it in case somebody's keen on having it. This succulent piece of pork was divine. I often wonder why was the restaurant named Pink Pig and have only discovered the answer then. As you can witness from the picture, the pork was glistening and the meat was uber moist. I am not a fan of the strange smell that some pork meat have but thankfully, this did not release any odd odours.

Pinky's medallion ~ Char grilled pork fillet wrapped with bacon and served with apple sauce and seasonal vegetables. After that night, I am convinced that apples and pork complements each other well. The vegetables were definitely not overcooked and the pork fillet still retained a moist center. Generous spoons of sauce too!

Roast pork scotch fillet ~ Murray River pork roasted with dijon mustard, served with an apricot glaze, crackling and seasonal vegetables. Although I did prefer Pinky's medallion, this dish was well prepared too. Vegetables were not soggy or dry and there is some serious crackling going on (a round of applause to the chef for an amazing display of pork variations!). The only negative comment that I have would be that the pork meat slightly lacked in the flavours department. It was a bit bland for me, in my own opinion that is.

Marriage ~ a combination of pork spare ribs and devilled chicken wings. The sister was brave enough to order this somewhat messy platter for herself and after helping myself to a few pieces, I am happy to acknowledge that the individual pieces had sufficient portions of meat attached to the bone. Biting into a rather bone-y piece of rib is off putting (and not to mention painful for some). The sister was quite full that night and I too struggled to clean my plate because the portions were larger than we have anticipated.

Would I come here again? Absolutely! I have yet to explore their entire menu but having a good feast that night meant that it would not be my last venture here:)

ps: even the fussy brother agreed with me haha

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