Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Scoozi Caffe Bar

You know you are in for a good day when you get to the city early and have plenty of time to slowly browse through each restaurant's breakfast menu without having to worry about it being crowded (well, not until it's close to brunch time!). The sister and I were extremely fortunate and after what felt like minutes, we finally decided to head here for a light lunch to freshen up before we head to Rundle Mall for some midyear sales shopping.

I have been to Scoozi a couple of times for lunch with friends and got to admit that I do not know which is their recommended dishes. Nevertheless, this place can easily seat 30 patrons which makes it a perfect last-minute walk in option.

As usual, the sister could not miss her morning cup of coffee.

The big brekkie ~ having lived in Australia  for close to 6 years now, I have gained an appreciation for hearty  breakfast plates as they have this strange and yet comforting feel to them. Each plate is certainly packed with excessive amounts of calories but a good brekkie treat every now and then is an excellent pick-me-up to end a crappy week. Toast, bacon, sauteed mushrooms, eggs and tomatoes. Your daily dose of protein, carbohydrate, vitamins and fat.

Eggs benedict ~ another favourite at breakfast! I love a good gooey egg, dipped in freshly toasted english muffins with a slight tinge of saltiness from the slices of smoked ham. Bonus points for a well balanced hollandaise sauce that has the right amount of acidity to it:)

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