Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Other than tucking into a good bowl of Vietnamese pho or broken rice, another favourite budget dish of mine would be Japanese don (rice bowl) , be it with teriyaki chicken, fried pork cutlets or eel on top. Although I have yet to blog about Katsumoto before, it is definitely one of my top 5 lunch places to visit as a student because for $11, you can get a more-than-sufficient meal! From memory, the unagi (eel) don costs more than $15 and so, I hardly have it at all :S

We were served a few pieces of pickles which I always like to nibble on whilst waiting for my food to be served.

Toriteriyaki don ~ teriyaki chicken served with shredded egg omelette and dried seaweed on a bed of rice. In addition to receiving a small bowl of miso soup, you can tell that this is a large serving for someone like me. I can usually stomach quite a lot of food in one seating but struggle to finish this. The chicken pieces were juicy, succulent and that sweet, sticky sauce that it is marinated in is to die for. If you so happen to swipe off all the chicken bits before finishing the rice, worry not, because the rice had been drizzled with a few spoons of the delicious teriyaki gravy!

Katsudon ~ This literally means fried pork rice bowl, which is what it is. The pork cutlet had been deep fried before being cooked with the egg mixture. Once again, the rice had been drizzled with a few spoons of chicken stock to prevent it from drying out. There are thin slices of onions in the egg so be warned if you are intolerant to these little time bombs.

Have I convinced you to pop by for a quick bite?:)

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