Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Kwik Stix North Adelaide

No matter where I am in Adelaide, I tend to lean towards going to the restaurants in North Adelaide as not only do they provide good ambience for diners, but also yummy food at affordable prices. One of my ol' time favourites would be here. I have had some of the happiest moments here and it is a bit upsetting to know that this place would no longer be operating sometime in September..which is approximately 2 months away:(

Back in 2008 - 2010, I have visited this restaurant countless of times, be it for lunch or dinner and after being away for sometime, the menu has evolved with a whole lot of new dishes on the menu. It was tricky trying to decide but alas, we have decided on a couple of favourites.

Salt and pepper soft shell crab ~ outside of Sushi Train, I hardly eat soft shell crabs as I often question their quality. The owner had recommended us to try this out and were we satisfied. Crunchy exterior with soft and juicy crab meat in it. Another plus point about this dish is that it is served with fresh vegetables, just to make sure you do not get constipated after dinner haha.

Black bean beef noodles ~ generous amounts of vegetables piled with the noodles (as per seen in the pictures) and you would be glad to know that they are not overcooked. Noodles and beef meat were well-seasoned. Did I mention that most of their noodle dishes can be made into a vegetarian option upon request? Vegetarian friendly, ticked!

Satay chicken ~ chicken pieces cooked on skewers and literally drowning in satay sauce. Meat was not dry at all and the satay concoction still had a delightful nutty crunch to it. It's not 100% authentic Malaysian but it sure does come pretty close to it:)

Sambal prawn noodles ~ this is my favourite noodle dish and I never fail to order this when I dine here. It is not spicy at all but if you are concerned about it being too spicy, do let the staff know and they will ensure that the chef makes the necessary adjustments. Prawns are fresh and vegetables were not overcooked. Looking at this picture and reflecting about it is making me salivate :/

On a separate note, I have brought my friends here for a birthday celebration and I am very pleased to acknowledge that their main dishes are share-able and very very yummy. Do give it a go if you are stuck on ideas for large functions:)

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