Friday, November 22, 2013

Appliances Online 8th birthday event and competition

2013 has been a year full of opportunity for me to explore my hobbies as well as pick up new skills. I have received an invite from Appliances Online a few weeks ago for a cake decorating birthday event which I had to unfortunately, turn down due to work. I was disappointed as I have never ever took up any baking classes (probably due to high school trauma with part of my teenage-hood that I certainly did not miss much!) and also because I doubt I'll have the time at all. So when a work roster change occured, I immediately sent an email to the organizer and confirmed my attendance..had to wake up early on thursday to get to Adelaide but oh wells!

The event was held at Adelaide chocolate school in North Adelaide, conveniently situated near the city. The interior could probably fit 15 participants comfortably and I was eyeball-ing all the amazing cake decorating tools/glitter/ essence displayed on the shelves. We are in for some serious work here! After a short mingling session with the other bloggers, our teacher, Belinda, started running through the basics of working with fondant with us.

Just a handful of tools stashed aside for us to use later, just like a painter's inventory of brushes *getting excited*

Belinda was very deft with the fondant and made it look so unbelievably simple. With just a few strokes of edible marker and a couple of readjusting squeezes around the fondant, she has shaped a strawberry and banana for us.

And so, the moment of truth began. Each table had about 3 cakes already covered in fondant and we were to add our own personal spin to it. We could not believe that underneath all the fondant lies a cake!

So we allowed our creative juices to flow and shaped a few pieces of fondants into items. Do be warned that fondant does dry quite quickly when exposed to air which made it slightly messy to shape!

How do you like our food processor?:)

Our decorated toaster cake looked amazing and Belinda did came around to give us more pointers on fondant application. The green apple was lightly coloured with red powder for that extra shimmer feel!

I managed to browse around the room after decorating our cakes and I was very impressed with the display cakes that Belinda had sitting on the shelf near the kitchen. Imagine how many hours it would take to sculpt something like that!

My dream was always to learn how to sculpt a rose (which I did attempt that day but failed miserably again!). Look at these ones here? Stunning indeed:)

Just a few tools we had.

As this is a chocolate school, it would only be appropriate to include a decent chocolate picture with a Christmas-y theme to it.

We finished off with some lovely baked cupcakes which had a mouthwatering frosting piped on it. Biting into a beautifully decorated cupcake for a birthday is like the icing on the cake. Was indeed a lovely and sweet event and I could not be anymore grateful for Appliances Online and Belinda for the invitation as well as to the lovely sponsors that contributed for the giveaways.


Appliance Online is searching nationwide for their official birthday cake and this competition ends on 8th December. If you are a keen baker and has what it takes to blow them away with your creativity, simply create an appliance-inspired cake and upload on facebook, instagram or twitter for your chance to win 1 of 8 Sunbeam food processors! Details are available on their website but do hurry as the closing date is just around the corner!:)

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