Monday, November 18, 2013

The Original Pancake House

After strolling in Rundle Mall for a couple of hours, the brother and I felt adventurous enough to feed ourselves with some sweets despite attempting to "eatclean". This was the first place that popped in my mind, having heard much reviews from friends about this place and the fact that I like fluffy pancakes to fill my tummy. Ahhhh the gluttony.

This is one of the most iconic places to visit if you are new to Adelaide as apparently their history dates back to the 1960s. Pretty impressive and must be worth a visit if it is able to withstand the various types of customers throughout those years, ey? An important message to take home after reading this post? They are opened 7 days a week and are opened throughout the day. Pancakes for 365 days, anyone??:)

Their menu includes sweet and savoury options to go with your pancakes. After browsing through the menu for a few minutes, I think most of the pancakes are from the same batter and each option varies in terms of flavours and toppings/ additions. The brother also did mention that it may be a tad too filling if you are a small eater.

Jamaican banana ~ two pieces of pancakes topped with walnuts, caramelized bananas and vanilla ice cream. I was a happy sugar addict after this.

Short stacks ~ 2 pancakes topped with some butter, cream and drizzled with maple syrup. I like the idea of tucking into a simple plate of pancake with minimal addition in order to truly appreciate the pancake's texture and taste. Pancakes were fluffy and light which is what you would probably expect whenever you order them in a cafe. I like the brownish colour achieved on both sides of the pancake.

Another food outlet ticked off my bucket list albeit discovering this place after so many years in Adelaide. Probably not the flashiest place to bring a date or a business meeting but if you are torn between ordering sweets or savoury for brekkie or as a snack, might be worth a visit:)

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