Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Store

Working from 8.30am to 6pm on most days have made me appreciate the little details on life such as a humble breakfast on a lazy Sunday morning. Too often, we forget to stop and smell the roses when really, all these little things are all that matters at the end of the day!

Despite loving a good brekkie, I usually sleep past breakfast times during my teen and post-teen days. Not too good but I am trying to change here, so please bear with me:)

After an early morning start (and resisting the temptation to sleep in), the sister and I found ourselves here as we were nearby the area. Service is very quick and staff waste no time loitering around at all!

Big brekkie ~ sauteed mushrooms and spinach, poached eggs, hash brown, oven roasted tomatoes, bacon slices and a slice of toasted bread served with a side of butter. The chef is very generous with his vegetable portions and thumbs up for not overcooking the bacon (it was still moist and juicy when it reached our table).

Eggs florentine ~ I can not resist a good poached egg drizzled with hollandaise sauce on toasted English muffins. Was so good but would have liked a bit more hollandaise on mine so that I can use my excess pieces of bread to soak with it!

My verdict? Yet another satisfying breakfast joint in Adelaide and once again, have not found a disappointing brekkie event:) Yayyy for good food to kick start the morning with but be sure to book if you intend on rocking up with a big mob of foodies!

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