Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sushi in the City

I managed to escape from work on friday, the day just before the weekend and after wandering around trying to accomplish various chores, I met up with the brother for a quick lunch. He guided me to this little Japanese cafe which houses a good selection of handmade rolls that one could easily grab and have for lunch or if you have the luxury of time, you could sit down and order a steaming hot bowl of udon noodles or a bento box.

This place is fast moving and packed full of officer workers on a lunch break aka females in neatly ironed coats and pencil skirts and men in ties and a leather satchel on hand. The atmosphere was definitely not silent and it was a challenging trying to hold a conversation with the brother until the crowd settled down.

Udon ~ I have not had udon since my trip to Sydney in July. Do not usually crave for it but a bowl of piping hot broth and fat noodles with an assortment of condiments would make me happy anyday. Do allow to cool for about 5 minutes as it was a seriously hot bowl of udon. The chef was definitely generous with the amount of fish cakes, tofu, mushrooms and pieces of chicken that he had tossed in the bowl. Delicious!

Prawn tempura udon ~ the brother opted for a seafood udon version which looked equally impressive to mine. The prawn tempura was certainly fried upon order and was not soggy when it arrived on our table. Another thumbs up from us!

Definitely worth a second visit but this time, I am going to try their teriyaki chicken and perhaps grab a fat cold roll for myself. The joys of budget eating:)

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