Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Over the past few months, I found myself creeping into pub's for their simple but satisfying meals. A good meal would cost at most $20. I daresay vegetarians might have to really ponder prior to entering as some of the pubs' best meals involves some kind of poultry or seafood. Aside from having a very hearty meal, pubs are excellent for celebrating the weekend with friends (drink responsibly, people!).

Rumour has it that MyBar at Hilton hotel dishes up an award winning beef burger which immediately prompted the siblings and I to drop by for a quick visit after exiting the airport. We already knew what to have, after scanning the online menu... I call it research:)

I have never been here before and found the menu rather tempting but unfortunately, it was wayyy to early to stuff myself for dinner (I usually eat like a pauper at lunch and a king for dinner..not exactly right but it's a habit!).

300g wagyu beef burger ~ beef patties sandwiched by smoked bacon, free range egg, onion jam, cheese, lettuce and tomato, served with chilli chips and mustard, tomato relish and ranch dressing. The tomboy in me wanted to try biting into the burger but chickened out as it surely cannot fit into my mouth (and I have a big mouth too!). We dissected the burger into smaller sections which allowed us to enjoy each individual component of it. Beef patty was still juicy and how can we go wrong with a slap of bacon, egg and cheese in it. A clear winner indeed. The buns were still fluffy despite getting toasted and the chips were one of the chunkiest pieces I have ever seen. The accompanying sauces were served in shot glasses, very classy indeed. My favourite would be the ranch dressing. What's yours?:)

Chicken schnitzel with mushroom gravy served with chips and fresh salad ~ to enter a pub without ordering a schnitzel is a crime on it's own. Thankfully the sister agreed to share it with me. Was a little dry for my liking but after a few dunks into the pools of sauce, it had no problems finding it's way into my tummy. Salad was dressed pretty well and it was fresh, no short cuts there:)

Overall, I have enjoyed my meal here and would love to have a second visit to sample their other dishes. Pretty decent place to head if you want to watch any games as they have a massive telly on their open area.

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