Saturday, November 16, 2013

November food buys

November has been an interesting month for me with lots of work involved and hence, this month's food haul is a bit quirky to suit my mood aka easy and sweet rewards.

After browsing through the Asian section in Chinatown, I could not find anything that intrigued me and decided to venture further to a little shop which sells mainly Japanese products. Right next to the entrance, there is a little corner allocated for stashing snacks that flew all the way from Japan. Mind you, the prices are probably higher than what you may get from Japan but I guess a small addition cost probably covers the flight tickets there?:)

Green tea kit kat bars ~ I like picking up a nice bar of kit kat once in awhile especially when I am brainstorming. Had to try this out after reading much hype on the internet about them. The green tea taste was subtle and would have liked a bit more punch to it but it was still delicious regardless.

Monetta chocolate hazelnut wafers ~ a random item the sister picked up from her local supermarket and from memory, it costs about $3 but I thought it was really really yummy. Had a lot of hazelnut oomph to it and I found it difficult to stop at just one wafer! Definitely worth a try if you like stocking up on snacks :)

Macro chicken with lemon, herb and garlic flavour ~ probably the first time I ever had marinated chicken from the supermarket. Was a bit doubtful as to whether it would turn out well but it did look legit when I cut opened the packaging. Placed in on an oiled baking pan and baked it for a good hour at 150C.

The chicken itself was cleaned pretty well and all the yucky innards have been removed. It was also pretty darn well seasoned with extra "juice" running in the bag, which I did not want to waste and hence, added it to the pan.

Turned out more than alright! I probably had placed the chicken a little too close to the heating bar which resulted in a few tanned sections. It was delicious for something that did not cost that much (and required less preparation time). All I had to do was prepare some rice to go with it and that's lunch! Go get this if you are always on the run and want to avoid takeaways!

Gourmet Traveller annual cookbook ~ I love browsing thru their website for recipes to inspire me and could not resist getting their cookbook (which releases at the end of every year) that has a compilation of their recipes. Best part? Not heavy to carry around and if you think there's no pictures, you are so wrong. I have personally attempted a few of their recipes with delightful results and would certainly recommend this for the adventurous kitchen enthusiasts.

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