Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Crazy Wings, Glen Waverley MELB

As a child, I have always been more fond of Western food than Asian food and would often reach out to a danish pastry as opposed to a traditional Chinese biscuit. I still love Asian food but perhaps it's because I only saw it as a form of comfort rather than luxury. Getting my parents to bring us hungry kids to McDonalds or KFC was an accomplishment on its own.

When I was feeling under the weather last Sunday, the one thing I wanted to eat was Chinese food which was what I managed to bring myself too despite having to brace the bitter cold Melbourne weather.

A busy little establishment that sits no more than 20 patrons, the "buy one free one" deal is always turned on although the flavours do alternate. Also a hot pot $25 for 2 diners deal which includes a a plate of thinly sliced meat, a plate of veggies and either a spicy or non-spicy broth to go with.

Fried rice - albeit oily, I didn't mind it and found it seasoned to my liking. Pretty good for a simple dish:)

Honey soy chicken wings - ranging from $2 to $2.20, depending on choice of flavour, there is definitely meat on each skewer. Pretty tasty and a bargain if going for the chicken wing deal.

Crazy wing - the ultimate "treat" of the day. In short, it lived up to its crazy expectations and probably surpassed it for at least 3 minutes. Not something for the faint hearted. Not as yummy as the other flavours though.

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