Thursday, September 15, 2016

Japan: Takayama and Hida beef

Woke up early in Kyoto to catch a ride to Takayama, a city located in the mountainous region of the Gifu prefecture. A city suited for travellers wanting to get away from the bustling city landscape, train rides here are not scheduled on a frequent basis and one may need to catch public transport in order to explore the area better.

The sister and I chanced upon festival floats, known as yatai, around the busier parts of the city and each float carried a different symbol. Whilst we did not stick around long enough to witness the procession which is carried out in the afternoon and evening, it was still a lucky encounter for us.

Hida beef buns are a must try in Hida. Meat was soft, succulent and definitely tasty although not sure if I would rate it within the same category as wagyu.

The sister and I may have gotten a little ripped off when we walked into what appeared to be a popular local restaurant serving good quality cuts of Hida beef. My cuts of beef were a little overcooked and dry whilst her's was probably harbouring around the same standards as mine. Would appreciate other recommendations for future visits:)

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