Friday, September 16, 2016

Japan: Himeji Castle

Unlike the European castles intended as a leisure escape for royalty, Japanese castles were designed more so as a defense fortress during the warring states. After the feudal period, World War II and a few natural disaster incidences, many of these castles had been destroyed. Himeji castle is one of the last few remaining castles in Japan and is currently undergoing restorations.

We were able to visit the castle in April and even climbed up the castle, which was a daunting task on it's own. I can only imagine the lives of the castle guards working tirelessly around the clock ensuring the safety of it's residents.

Well worth a visit and visitors can still spot imprints from the castle's previous owners on rooftop tiles. Be sure to check out every floor of the castle as it does vary and is an experience on its own.

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