Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Chocolateria San Churro

I am rarely a chocolate person but the previous few weeks had proven otherwise and strangely enough, I have not reached the can't-handle-it stage yet. The last place on my itinerary would be San Churros in Chinatown. I have been to the San Churros in Rundle Street before but for convenience sake, Chinatown's a much more do-able spot for me.

There are quite a few options to choose from which did not make my job any easier. One can opt for chocolate-y cakes, ice cream, fondues, parfaits and the list goes on. Seeing as I am on a churros craze at the moment, I steered towards that path whilst quickly shutting away all the other options. Perhaps another time?

Chocolate macaron ~ I have wanted to have their chocaron (macaron dipped in chocolate) but my order probably got mixed up and I ended up with this fella. Not too bad, decent me thinks.

Peanut butter besos ~ I am a huge fan of peanut butter inspired sweets and this was no exception to the list. It was rich, decadent and very sinful. But heck with that, I would definitely order this again and I could easily down this within 5 minutes.

Churros with milk chocolate and dark chocolate ~ The churros here are a bit more bigger than I had expected. It is prepared upon order and thankfully, had no signs of being burnt whatsoever. A nice treat to have on a warm day and if you are here with about 3 other people, why not order the large churros platter? Nibbles and small talk seems to be my kind of thing these days;)

p.s: apologies for the meh picture quality. I would love to whip out my normal camera but due to time constraints, this won't be possible until I get back from my trip. On the flip side, be on the lookout for another travel diary blog post:)

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