Thursday, March 13, 2014

Ky Chow Restaurant

What does one do when Adelaide is packed full of visitors from various parts of Australia and noting that it is a long weekend off for most of us? Well, the answer would be to avoid stepping into Rundle Street because it is not a place for the weak. Endless streams of pedestrians trot around that street and each restaurant was filled to the brim with diners.

I ventured out early to have a peak at this year's fringe festival and having to brave the festival crowd, I still managed to whiz my way to Chinatown without too much difficulty. Chinatown was perhaps not as busy compared to Rundle Street but they still did have a good customer turnover rate considering that it was a Sunday.

We decided to dine at Ky Chow just because we have not been here for a while and that I was craving for mapo tofu. Do be mindful that portion size is smaller here compared to other restaurants but I think the quality of the dishes served here are better. Also, this place does not open till late so best to ring up to check what time they close if you are planning to come here for a late dinner.

String beans in XO sauce ~ beans were not soggy or overcooked and had a good amount of seasoning in it. Not bad at all.

Mapo tofu with prawns ~ you have the option of having this with either prawns or meat but prawns are our favourite choice hands down. Tofu was silky smooth and prawns were fresh. The sauce may look spicy to some but in fact, it is far from it. Good balance of acidity it has:)

Bay berry duck ~ duck meat was juicy and still soft but would have liked a bit more punch of flavour from the sauce. It did not overpower the taste of the duck and one could still subtly taste the herbs used to concoct the sauce.

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Below are some pictures taken from this year's fringe festival. It was extremely crowded and I found it difficult to snap pictures without having someone hijack my pictures:S

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Christina | The Hungry Australian said...

I love string beans with XO sauce, and mapo tofu runs a close second. Nice choices! :D