Thursday, March 6, 2014


This is probably an extension from my previous blog posts about Japanese food. I have been drawn to the simple but delicious Japanese flavours so much that I have been having okonomiyaki, chicken teriyaki and miso soup for 2 weeks already. I have tried to make katsudon but more on that in another post.

For now, we head back to my favourite Japanese don shop in Adelaide, tucked away in one of Rundle Mall's arcades. It has been around since I arrived in Adelaide and not surprisingly, it still draws a good portion of the lunch crowd, mainly for their generous serving, affordable prices (although I reckon it had gone up by $1?) and yummy rice bowls.

I always opt for their don aka rice bowls be it with unagi, chicken or pork and each of these bowls comes with a small bowl of miso soup and a bit of pickled vegetables to cleanse your palate.

Katsudon aka pork rice bowl ~ With all their rice bowls, I find that the rice underneath the egg and meat is not dry but rather, slightly soaked in soup (or stock, not sure which one it is) and the eggs are not overcooked ala omelette style. The egg part of the dish is added to the stock just a few minutes before plating to maintain a soft and fluffy texture. Pretty delicious to me:)

Potato croquettes ~ this one was piping hot when it arrived at our table and comes with some dipping sauce. It was crunchy on the outside and yet, still moist and soft on the inside. I have never had this before and so, it was a nice first experience for me (minus the tongue burning incident).

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