Monday, October 20, 2014

Bistro Vue, CBD MELB

I have a fascination for French pastries and bonbons but clearly, I have not explored the savoury part of the cuisine. My food dictionary is limited to what I see on the television but I am determined to soak up as much knowledge as I can before I actually enter that country one day.

Melbourne is known as one of the food capitals of Australia and so, it isn't a surprise to find more than a handful of French enterprises in the region.Via google, I found Bistro Vue and decided to book a table for a mini gathering with friends, not knowing what to expect.

Truffle pasta ~ my friend ordered this and found it a little too salty for his liking.

Secondary cut ~ this dish utilizes the shoulder part of the wagyu beef, one of the more exclusive selection of beef in the market. It was cooked medium rare and was perfection on a plate.

Confit duck leg, rainbow carrots and pommes sautees ~ The vegetables were cooked just the way I like them aka soft on the inside and slightly solid on the outside. The sauce used to dress the duck did not overshadow the subtle duck flavours and overall, it was a pleasant dish that would have went down well with a good glass of wine.

Creme brulee ~ a typical French dessert that uses good quality vanilla pods to not only mask the egg flavours but also to give the dish a strong kick of vanilla. My friends found this a little too big for their liking but heck, it's money well spent:)

Mandarin St. Honore ~ I could hardly pronounce the last bit of this dessert's name haha. To describe it in simple terms, it was puff pastry topped with chantilly creme and tempered chocolate, served with a mandarin jelly. choux pastry and mandarin sorbet. Very refreshing and not too heavy at all. It was indeed a textural playground for those seeking a little more oomph from their dessert.

Chocolate cigar, canele, macaron, pistachio cake and a fruit jelly ~ a small selection of petit fours for sharing. The waiter appeared at our table with a trolley full of mini goodies which was enough to make any sweet toothed fan tremble with delight.

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