Friday, October 24, 2014

Chez Dre and Penang Road, South Melbourne MELB

A lazy Sunday wandering around South Melbourne in search for some good bites and for a change in atmosphere.

Chez Dre's macarons costs $3 each which made me think twice about getting too many. However, it is a tad bigger than the ones I usually get and it is really delishhh, packed full of flavour. Recommended for macaron lovers;) Got myself the rose raspberry, green tea, praline, salted caramel and vanilla flavoured ones.

And this hungry Malaysian went to yet another Malaysian restaurant to try her luck. Decently priced and reasonably quick service means no painfully long waiting time.

Cendol in a cup..what a brilliant idea and probably something that you could walk away with on a hot summer day.

Their mamak mee was different compared to the ones I am used to but nevertheless, equally yummy and satisfying:)

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