Friday, October 3, 2014

Hong Kong Dim Sum and New Nyonya Hut, Glen Waverley MELB

"What shall we eat?", "I don't know, it's your turn to decide"

Too often, us Malaysians will come across this familiar conversation with our family and friends because we are an easily indecisive bunch when it comes to stuffing our faces. Along the entire Kingsway street, one is surely spoilt for choices but for the bunch of us, it would have to be something Asian, mainly because we can never disagree on it:)

We have walked past this Hong Kong dim sum outlet numerous times but we always thought twice before entering. To be honest, the exterior does not look very enticing and the stacks of takeaway dim sum trays in the freezer made us wonder if we will be stomaching reheated frozen goods.

So one fine day, we, alas, made up our minds and braved ourselves. Ordered a few dim sum/ yum cha dishes as entrees before we had our hearty main meal. Truth to be told, the dim sum dishes were pretty good. The pastry skin on every piece of steamed dim sum was paper thin and does not have an unpleasant starchy taste to it. Fillings were still juicy but do note, it arrived on our table piping hot so be careful before you stick it into your mouth!

For main dishes, we had the salted vegetable with pork that had been cooked in a claypot. Not overly salty despite the use of the salted vegetable and meat could easily be torn apart with minimal pressure. Plenty of sauce to drown your rice in too!

Since arriving in Melbourne, I have been discovering and rediscovering new Malaysian restaurants both in the city and in the suburbs. After constantly revisiting the same places for the past few weeks, I decided it's time to forage into the unknown.

Am not sure when was Nyonya Hut established but according to word on the streets, the management had recently undergone changes and so...that makes it a new place to visit? Not that it matters haha :p

Their assam laksa had a very similar taste to the ones I had back home. The broth had a good kick of spices in it and when all the individual ingredients are compiled together on a spoon, it brought back memories of home. Oh and did I mention that this is a non-meat option for those of you who prefer not to eat red meat?:)

Also worth mentioning is their char kuey teow dish. Do not be afraid to ask for it to be spicy as it is true to the traditional version and trust me, you will not be disappointed. The noodles had a good charred aroma whilst the other ingredients were cooked al dante (think of it as a textural playground).

They also have an interesting array of kuih (traditional Nyonya snacks) which you may probably have to enquire about availability. Have to wait until the next time to try it out!:)

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